Tailoring our expertise for you

Seeking support or guidance for taking care of internal privacy and information governance

Navigating the
regions governed by
robust privacy laws

Embracing a business model rich in consumer interactions

Thriving with a presence across multiple regions and embracing distributed governance

Voices of

Designing and managing a
privacy program
for a large retailer

Robust Privacy

Compliance across US & China laws

Privacy Operations Model & Framework implemented

Privacy Rights

Automated fulfilment of Access

Correction, Do Not Sell Requests Workflow for Email and API-based vendor notifications / deletes


Comprehensive Vendor Onboarding process involving key stakeholders and vendors

Cookie governance included in the vendor evaluation


Updated Records Retention Policy & Schedule

Focused effort on enforcement of Retention Schedule across applications

Privacy by

Records of Processing Activities & Data Maps built

Privacy Impact Assessments automated

Fuel your excellence with data privacy.

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