Simplify audits, boost data protection with Solvation. Proven governance delivers rapid implementation across time zones. We tailor operational efficiencies and streamline processes for accelerated adoption and faster execution. Turn your privacy journey into a success story. Partner with Solvation.

Our Service Offerings

Privacy Audit Services

Think of privacy audit as your business's bodyguard that helps you protect your business while building trust with customers. We're here to help you through the audit process, making sure you follow global regulations and meet industry standards. It's like having a guide to keep things simple and secure.

Implementation Services

Make a smooth move toward robust data protection. Our implementation services make the switch a breeze, tailoring solutions, tackling compliance, and getting your team up to speed. It's all about bolstering security and earning trust in today's data-centric world.

Managed Services

Solidify your compliance is rock-solid with the support of our managed services. We're on it 24/7— keeping a close eye, making updates, and fine-tuning your privacy game to meet regulations and safeguard sensitive information. So, focus on what you do best without worrying about the nitty-gritty.

Leading organizations towards a

secure future

Simplifying compliance

Be it a small or a large-scale program, our services make it easy to execute it, ensuring rapid compliance.

Ensuring Global Coverage

Our offices span multiple regions and time zones. So, extensive coverage is guaranteed.

Enabling Cost Efficiency

With an efficient governance model encompassing both Onsite and Offshore operations, we provide cost-effective and flexible pricing models.

Design your

governance infrastructure

Privacy Operations

Privacy Guide, Process Improvements, Reporting

Privacy by Design

Privacy Impact Assessments, Business Guidelines

Privacy Rights

Privacy Rights Fulfilment and Expansion

Training & Awareness

Assessment & Process Training, Communication and Awareness

Vendor Governance

Vendor Onboarding, Vendor Contract Remediation

Incident Management & Audit Findings

Incident Management, Remediations based on Audit Findings

Data Map & Records

Inventory of Systems, Business Processes & Vendors, Records Retention & Management

Notices, Policies & Consent

Notices & Policies Management, Cookie Consent & Governance

Fuel your excellence with data privacy.

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